Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Advanced Training Materials

Microsoft Office 2016 Courseware Resources


Microsoft PowerPoint Training Materials

Diagrams within PowerPoint 2016

  • Creating and Formatting an Organisation Chart
  • Creating a Cycle Diagram
  • Creating a Pyramid Diagram
  • Creating a Flowchart Using ‘Shapes’
  • Editing Flowchart Shapes and Connectors

Charts in PowerPoint 2016

  •  Chart Title
  • Chart Legend
  • Data Labels
  • Axes Labels
  • Changing Chart Type
  • Chart Gap and Overlaps
  • Using Images in Chart Columns or Rows
  • Formatting the Plot and Chart Area Using Graphics
  • Axis Scales

PowerPoint 2016 Video and Audio

  •  Using Video
  • Changing the Brightness and Contrast of a Video
  • Re-Colouring a Video
  • Adding a Poster Frame Image to a Video
  • Resetting a Video
  • Applying a Video Style
  • Playing a Video in a Shape
  • Changing the Colour and Weight of a Video Border
  • Applying Special Effects to a Video
  • Trimming Video
  • Video Looping
  • Using Audio

PowerPoint 2016 Animation

  •  Applying Animation Effects
  • Animation Triggers
  • Using the Animation Painter
  • Creating Custom Animation Effects
  • Modifying Custom Animation Settings
  • Changing the Custom Animation Sequence
  • Using Custom Animation to Fade Bulleted Paragraphs
  • Animating Chart Columns by Series
  • Animating, or Not Animating, the Chart Grid and Legend
  • Animating SmartArt

Linking and Embedding In PowerPoint 2016

  • Action Buttons – Linking to a Different Slide
  • Action Buttons – Linking to a Specific Slide
  • Action Buttons – Linking to a URL
  • Action Buttons – Linking to Custom Shows
  • Action Buttons – Linking to a Different File
  • Linking Data into a Slide and Displaying As an Icon Object
  • Linking and Updating Objects
  • Breaking a Link
  • Inserting a Link to a Graphics File
  • Embedding Data into a Slide and Displaying It as an Object
  • Editing or Deleting Embedded Data

Hyperlinks and PowerPoint 2016

  •  Creating and Editing Hyperlinks

Merging, Comparing & Exporting within PowerPoint 2016

  •  Merging All the Slides from One Presentation into another Presentation
  • Merging a Microsoft Word Outline into a Presentation
  • Comparing Presentations
  • Saving a Slide as a Separate Graphics File
  • Using the Screen Shot Feature

PowerPoint 2016 Slide Shows

  •  Creating Custom Slide Shows
  • Editing a Custom Slide Show
  • Copying and Deleting Custom Slide Shows
  • Slide Show Transitions and Timings
  • Controlling Slide Show Looping
  • Applying Settings So That Slides Advance Manually
  • Setting a Slide Show to Use Timings
  • Enabling or Disabling Slide Show Animations
  • Controlling a Slide Show

Sharing PowerPoint 2016 Presentations

  •  Marking As Final
  • Permissions – Encrypting With a Password
  • Converting a Presentation to a Video
  • Packing for a CD
  • Saving As a PDF Format

PowerPoint 2016 Presentation Design & Compatibility Issues

  •  Planning Your Presentation
  • Turn Off Your Computer Screen Saver
  • Issues Relating to Presentation Timing
  • Using Graphics, Diagrams and Charts to Convey Ideas
  • Limiting the Level of Detail within a Presentation
  • Using a Consistent Design Scheme and Adequate Colour Contrast
  • Accessibility Considerations When Designing a Presentation
  • Using Alt (Alternative) Text Tags
  • The Accessibility Checker
  • The Document Inspector
  • The Compatibility Checker


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