Microsoft Word 2016 Intermediate Training Manual

MS Office 2016 Courseware Materials

Microsoft Word Training Materials

Customising Word 2016

  • Customising Microsoft Word
  • Setting the User Name
  • Setting the Default Opening and Saving Folder

Proofing and Printing within Word 2016

  •  The Importance of Proofing
  • Spell Checking a Document
  • Adding Words to the Built-In Custom Dictionary
  • Removing a Word from the Spell Checking Dictionary
  • Printing Options
  • Selecting a Printer
  • Selecting What to Print
  • Setting the Number of Copies to Print
  • Setting the Pages per Sheet
  • Previewing and Printing a Document

Word 2016 Compatibility Mode

  •  What Is Compatibility Mode?
  • Using the Convert Button

Advanced Paragraph Formatting In Word

  •  Line Spacing Formatting Options
  • Using the Widow/Orphan Control
  • Using ‘Keep Lines Together’
  • Using the ‘Keep With Next’ Option
  • Using ‘Page Break Before’
  • Applying and Modifying Multilevel List Formatting

Advanced Picture Manipulation in Word

  •  Compatibility Mode & Picture Editing
  • Screen Shot of Complete Application Window
  • Clipping Screen Shots
  • Screen Shots Using the Keyboard
  • Picture Tools
  • Removing a Background
  • Picture Corrections
  • Picture Colour
  • Picture Artistic Effects
  • Compressing Pictures
  • Resetting Pictures
  • Picture Styles
  • Picture Borders
  • Cropping a Picture

Word 2016 and Sections

  •  What Are Section Breaks?
  • Inserting ‘Next Page’ Section Breaks
  • Inserting ‘Odd Page’ Section Breaks
  • Changing the Section Break Type
  • Deleting Section Breaks
  • Changing Page Orientation within Sections
  • Changing Margins within Sections

Headers, Footers and Sections

  •  Applying Different Headers and Footers to Each Section within a Document
  • Applying Different Headers and Footers to the First Page
  • Applying Different Headers and Footers to Odd and Even Pages

Watermarks and Word 2016

  •  Adding a Pre-Defined Watermark
  • Adding a Custom Text Watermark
  • Removing a Watermark
  • Modifying a Text Watermark
  • Adding a Picture Watermark

Advanced Table Manipulation within Word

  •  Table Styles
  • Merging Cells within a Table
  • Splitting Cells within a Table
  • Modifying Cell Alignment
  • Modifying Cell Margins
  • Modifying Text Direction within Cells
  • Repeating the Table Heading Row for Multi-Page Tables
  • Controlling Row Breaking Across Pages
  • Performing a Single Column Sort
  • Multilevel Sorting
  • Converting Delimited Text to a Table
  • Converting a Table to Text

Manipulating Styles in Word 2016

  •  What Are Styles?
  • Applying Styles
  • Types of Styles
  • Creating a Paragraph Style
  • Creating a Character Style
  • Modifying a Style
  • Enabling Automatic Style Updating
  • Deleting a Style

Text Wrapping and Pictures

  •  Applying ‘In Line’ Picture Text Wrapping
  • Applying ‘Square’ Wrapping Picture Formatting
  • Applying ‘Tight’ Picture Wrapping
  • Applying ‘Behind Text’ Picture Wrapping
  • Applying ‘In Front of Text’ Picture Wrapping
  • Applying Wrapping to an AutoShape
  • Applying Wrapping Formatting to a Chart
  • Applying Wrapping Formatting to a Photograph
  • Applying Wrapping Formatting to a Diagram
  • Text Wrapping Options within Microsoft Word Tables

Using Columns within Word 2016

  •  Applying Column Formatting to an Entire Document
  • Applying Column Formatting to Just ‘Selected Text’
  • Changing Number of Columns within a Column Layout
  • Changing Column Widths and Spacing
  • Using Pre-Set Column Formatting
  • Inserting and Removing Lines between Columns
  • Inserting Column Breaks
  • Deleting Column Breaks

Autocorrect in Word 2016

  •  Creating, Modifying and Deleting an Autocorrect Entry

Building Blocks

  •  Creating and Inserting Building Block Items
  • Modifying a Building Block Item
  • Deleting a Building Block Item

Advanced Find and Replace Features

  • Smart Ways of Using the ‘Find and Replace’ Facility
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Font Formatting
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Paragraph Formatting
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Paragraph Marks
  • Advanced Find and Replace Options Using Page Breaks

Using Paste Special

  •  ‘Paste Special’ Options Using Formatted and Unformatted Text

Using Captions within Word 2016

  •  Manually Adding a Caption to a Picture or Table
  • Removing Captions
  • Changing the Caption Number Formatting

Word 2016 Footnotes and Endnotes

  •  Inserting Footnotes
  • Editing and Formatting Footnotes
  • Inserting Endnotes
  • Editing and Formatting Endnotes
  • Converting Footnotes to Endnotes
  • Converting Endnotes to Footnotes

Word 2016 Bookmarks and Cross-References

  •  Adding a Bookmark
  • Creating a Page Cross-Reference to a Bookmark
  • Creating a Cross-Reference to a Numbered Item
  • Deleting Cross-References
  • Deleting a Bookmark


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