Access 2003 Courseware Materials for IT Trainers

Foundation Level Training Materials

Courseware Training Manual


  • Creating a new database file
  • Opening and closing a database file
  • Understanding new Access 2003 security features
  • Understanding Access 2003 Security Levels
  • Closing a database file


  • Using the menu bar
  • Using the Database toolbar
  • Using the task pane
  • Using the Status bar
  • Using the Office Assistant
  • Customising the toolbars


  • Using the Database Toolbar
  • Using the New button
  • Using the Open button
  • Using the Save button
  • Using the File Search button
  • Using the Print button
  • Using the Print Preview button
  • Using the Spelling button
  • Using the Cut button
  • Using the Copy button
  • Using the Paste button
  • Using the Undo button
  • Using the OfficeLinks button
  • Using the Analyze button
  • Using the Code button
  • Using the Microsoft Script Editor button
  • Using the Properties button
  • Using the Relationships button
  • Using the New Object: <Object Type> button
  • Using the Microsoft Office Access Help button


  • Viewing and opening recent files
  • Opening the New File task pane
  • Data Access Page option
  • Using the Project using existing data option
  • Using the Project using new data option
  • Using the From existing file option
  • Using the Template area of the New File Task Pane
  • Using the Templates option
  • Using the Templates On Office Online option
  • Using the Clipboard Task Pane
  • Opening the Clipboard task pane
  • Using the Office Clipboard feature
  • Using the File Search Task Pane


  • The Database Menu Bar
  • Using the Database Menu Bar
  • Using the Open button
  • Using the Design button
  • Using the New button
  • Using the Delete button
  • Using the Icon buttons
  • Using the List button
  • Using the Details button
  • The Database Window Toolbar
  • Using Groups in the Toolbar
  • Using the Favorites button
  • Using the Tables button
  • Using the Queries button
  • Using the Forms button
  • Using the Reports button
  • Using the Pages button
  • Using the Macros button
  • Using the Modules button


  • Creating a Table
  • Creating a Table in Design View
  • Using the Table Wizard to create a table
  • Using the property updates feature
  • Working with Tables
  • Changing a table design
  • Adding records
  • Finding Records
  • Editing records
  • Filtering records
  • Sorting records


  • Requirements for a query in Design view
  • Creating a new query in Design view
  • Creating a numerical query using the wizard
  • Creating a non-numerical query using the wizard
  • Saving queries
  • Opening an existing query’s result window
  • Opening an existing query in Design view
  • Refining the results of a query
  • Adding calculations in Design view


  • Using and Creating Forms
  • Using Forms
  • Creating forms with the wizard
  • Creating a simple form from scratch in Design view
  • Modifying a form in Design view
  • Using a form to locate information
  • Using a form to organise information effectively
  • Displaying and Linking Images
  • Inserting the same background image for all records
  • Inserting an image which does not change from record to record
  • Inserting an image which is particular just to one record
  • Replacing an image


  • Creating and Using Reports
  • Using Reports
  • Creating a report using AutoReport
  • Creating a report using a wizard
  • Creating a report from scratch in Design view
  • Creating a report with totals or averages
  • Saving, Maintaining, and Printing Reports
  • Saving a report
  • Setting report properties
  • Previewing a report (before you print it)
  • Printing a report


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