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Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate Training Courseware

Microsoft Excel 2007 Training Materials

Intermediate Level Course Teaching Materials


  • Paste Special
  • Transposing data
  • Importing text and delimiting by space, comma or tab
  • What does naming a cell range mean?
  • Rules for naming cells and ranges
  • Naming cell range(s) in a worksheet
  • Named ranges within formulas
  • Navigating through workbooks using named ranges
  • Creating named ranges automatically based on cell values
  • Deleting named cells/ranges
  • Creating subtotals
  • Removing subtotals


  • Using templates
  • Creating templates
  • Opening and editing templates


  • Formatting tables
  • Formatting tables using table styles
  • Formatting cell ranges using conditional formatting
  • Creating custom number formats
  • Freezing the top row
  • Freezing the first column
  • Freezing the top row and the first column at the same time
  • Hiding and un-hiding rows
  • Hiding and un-hiding columns
  • Hiding and un-hiding worksheets


  • Sorting internal Excel databases
  • Custom sort options
  • Using AutoFilter to query data
  • Multiple queries
  • Removing filters
  • Top 10 AutoFilter
  • Filtering unique records
  • Advanced Filter


  • Linking individual cells within a worksheet
  • Linking charts to data within a worksheet
  • Linking a cell range on one worksheet to another worksheet (within the same workbook)
  • Linking data on one worksheet to a chart in another worksheet (within the same workbook)
  • Linking data from one workbook to another
  • Linking a chart from one workbook to another
  • Copying data from Excel into a Word document
  • Linking data from Excel into a Word document
  • Copying a chart from Excel into a Word document
  • Linking a chart from Excel into a Word document
  • Consolidating data over several worksheets or worksheet pages


  • Changing the angle of pie chart slices
  • Formatting the chart axis fonts
  • Formatting the chart axis scales
  • Formatting the chart axis text orientation
  • Creating and positioning a chart title
  • Re-positioning a chart legend
  • Re-positioning chart data labels
  • Exploding the segments within a pie chart
  • Deleting a data series within a chart
  • Adding a data series to a chart
  • Modifying the chart type for a defined data series
  • Widening the gap between columns / bars within a 2-D chart
  • Inserting an image into a 2D chart (as a background)
  • Inserting an image into a 2D chart (to format a column or bar of data)


  • Specifying a password for opening a workbook
  • Using the “read-only recommended” option
  • Removing a password from an Excel workbook
  • Protecting a worksheet or worksheet elements
  • Removing workbook protection
  • Allowing selective editing of a protected worksheet


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