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Microsoft Word Training Materials

Master Documents & Word 365

  • What Are Master Documents?
  • Creating a New Master Document
  • Inserting Sub-Documents into a Master Document
  • Unlinking or Removing a Sub-Document from a Master Document
  • Using Text Outline Options


Word 365 Tracking & Comments

  •  Tracking Changes
  • Accepting or Rejecting Changes
  • Inserting Comments
  • Displaying & Editing Comments
  • Deleting Comments
  • Showing or Hiding Comments


Comparing & Combining Documents

  •  Comparing Documents
  • Combining Revisions from Multiple Authors


Using a Tables of Contents & Indexes

  •  Creating a Table of Contents
  • Updating a Table of Contents
  • Creating & Updating a Table of Figures
  • Marking an Index Entry
  • Marking an Index Sub-Entry
  • Compiling & Updating an Index


Linking & Embedding within Word 365

  •  What Is Object Linking?
  • Linking Data from a Document as an Icon
  • Updating a Linked Document
  • Breaking a Document Link
  • Linking Excel Data & Displaying the Linked Data as an Icon
  • Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document as an Icon
  • Linking Excel Data & Displaying the Data within a Word Document
  • Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document & Displaying the Chart
  • Updating or Breaking an Application Link
  • What Is Object Embedding?
  • Embedding Data into a Document as an Object
  • Editing Embedded Data
  • Deleting Embedded Data


Using Hyperlinks in Word 365 Documents

  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Removing a Hyperlink


Using Macros within Word 365

  •  Macro to Change Page Set-Up
  • Macro to Insert a Table with a Repeating Heading Row
  • Macro to Insert Fields into a Header or Footer
  • Assigning a Macro to a Button on a Toolbar


Word 365 Fields

  •  Inserting the Author Field into a Word Document
  • Inserting the File Name Field into a Word Document
  • Inserting the File Size Field into a Word Document
  • Displaying the Developer Tab
  • Inserting a Plain Text Fill-In Field
  • Inserting a Check Box Field
  • Inserting a Drop Down Field
  • Deleting Fields
  • Changing the Number Formatting Used By a Field
  • Updating Fields
  • Locking & Unlocking Fields
  • Using the Sum Formula within a Table


Word 365 Forms

  •  Creating & Protecting Form Text Fields
  • Creating & Protecting Form Check Boxes
  • Inserting & Protecting Form Drop-Down Menus
  • Modifying Form Fields & Displaying Help
  • Protecting a Form
  • Password Protecting a Form


Advanced Word 365 Templates

  •  What Are Word Templates?
  • Creating & Using a Word Template
  • Modifying a Word Template


Advanced Mail Merging Techniques

  •  Editing & Sorting a Mail Merge Recipient List
  • Ask Fields & Bookmarks
  • Inserting Ask Fields
  • Inserting If…Then…Else… Fields
  • Using Merge Criteria in a Mail Merge


Passwords & Editing Restrictions

  •  Adding ‘Opening’ Password Document Protection
  • Removing ‘Open’ Password Document Protection
  • Adding ‘No Modifications’ Document Password Protection
  • Removing a ‘No Modification’ Document Password
  • Allowing Only Tracked Changes or Comments
  • Marking a Document as a Final Version


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