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Easy customisation of our printable training materials and automatic ‘Table of Contents’ updating

Our printable sample courses are supplied in Adobe Acrobat format, which while they can be printed you may not edit these sample materials.

Unlike some of our competitors, who will also supply their licenced versions as Adobe Acrobat files, Cheltenham Courseware supplies the licenced version of their courseware in fully editable Microsoft Word format.

You can edit the Microsoft Word documents to keep just the topics that you need for a particular run of a training course. The table of contents will even regenerate and automatically renumber pages if you have deleted any items.

How to update your Table of Contents

To regenerate a Table of Contents after you have edited the manual content (either deleting sections or rearranging the information), simply select the ‘Table of Contents’ and the press the update (F9) key. You will see a dialog box displayed

Select ‘Update entire table‘ and click on the OK button. It is as simple as that! You do not need complicated additional editing programs that some of our competitors use!

IMPORTANT: All our other courses however may be altered as indicated above. In all cases you MUST leave the copyright notice in place and assigned to Cheltenham Group

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