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Windows 10 Courseware Materials

The Windows 10 Desktop
What is the Windows Desktop?
Desktop icons
Moving Desktop icons
Windows taskbar
Showing hidden icons
Taskbar clock
Customizing your Desktop
Customizing the Desktop background wallpaper picture
Customizing the Desktop background color
Setting a screen saver
Modifying the computer date and time
Setting the keyboard language and other regional settings

Manipulating Desktop Windows
Drag and drop
Select, then manipulate
Single clicking vs. Double clicking
Moving a window on the Desktop
Resizing a window, narrower or wider
Resizing a window, taller or shorter
Resizing a window in two directions at once
Maximizing a window
Minimizing a window
Closing a window
The start button
The start menu

Applications & the Desktop
Starting applications
Finding applications such as WordPad
Using print screen within WordPad
Identifying the parts of an application window
Title bar
The ribbon
Ribbon tabs
Status bar
Control panel
Switching between program Windows
Cascading Windows
Displaying Windows side by side
Installing programs
Removing a program
Shutting down the computer
Restarting the computer

Help in Windows 10
Using the search for help box
Displaying basic information about your pc

File Explorer
What are files?
What are folders?
Types of drive and drive letters
Opening the Windows file explorer program
Displaying or hiding the ribbon
The file explorer window
File explorer – folders
File explorer – devices
File explorer – network locations
File explorer – downloads
File explorer – Desktop
File explorer – OneDrive
File explorer – homegroup
File explorer – this pc
Displaying the contents of a particular folder
Changing the view within the file explorer
Changing the sort order in details view
Drives, folders and files
Data storage devices
File sizes and disk storage capacities

Manipulating folders
Creating a folder
Creating a sub-folder
File naming issues
Renaming a folder
Deleting a folder
Displaying folder details

Manipulating files
File types
Selecting multiple files
Counting files in a folder
File attributes
Renaming files
Deleting files
Restoring items from the recycle bin
Emptying the recycle bin
Permanently deleting a file (bypassing the recycle bin)
Sometimes deleted files are too large to be recycled
The Windows clipboard
Moving files between folders
Copying files between folders
Removable memory sticks – autoplay
Backing up data to a removable drive
Safely ejecting a memory stick
What is file compression?
Compressing files
Extracting compressed files

Searching for applications (programs)
Searching for files on your hard disk
Searching by file size
Searching by kind
Searching by file content

Printing issues
Viewing the printers that are available to your pc
Setting the default printer
Installing a new printer
Removing a printer
Printing from an application

Viruses, spyware and cookies
Computer viruses
Virus checking programs
Scanning for viruses
Updating anti-virus programs

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